No Win No Fee Agreements – what are they?

A No Win No Fee (or Conditional Fee) Agreement is a contract covering your solicitor’s fees if you decide to make a compensation claim for any injury or medical negligence you have suffered. If your case is successful, your opponent pays your legal fees. However, under a No Win No Fee agreement, if you lose your claim through no fault of your own, then your solicitor doesn’t get paid.

As your solicitor takes a risk on winning your case under a No Win No Fee agreement, they will receive both their basic fees and a success payment for taking on your claim if your case is successful. Both of these fees can be sought from an opponent, and the solicitors’ fee levels are set by the County Court.

Any accident – minor, major or medical blunder – can cause you untold stress and trauma. If you have suffered an accident in the last three years that was not your fault, or believe that you have a case for medical negligence [also known as clinical negligence], then our solicitors could help you under a UK No Win No Fee Medical Negligence claim.

Medical negligence claims

Medical negligence is a highly complex area of law – one in which you really need to make sure you appoint a specialist. Not only do we offer no win no fee agreements for all medical negligence claims, but our team are genuine specialists. By instructing our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors, you can rest assured you will  get the expert advice and representation you need.

Accident compensation claims

Our solicitors can undertake accident compensation claims for illness or injury, loss of earnings, expenses and damage to your property. However, legal aid is no longer available to fund a personal injury or accident compensation claim case.

If your accident compensation claim reaches court, our no win no fee solicitors will advise that you take out a policy known as ‘after the event’ insurance. In taking such insurance, you are protected from an opponent’s claim for their legal costs, if your case is unsuccessful. If you win your case, your opponent is liable for the insurance premium. If you lose, the premium is not payable.

In making a compensation claim, some fees will become due to outside parties, including medical experts and the Court itself. Our team of no win no fee personal injury and medical negligence solicitors will discuss with you how to fund these costs, and we make hospital or home visits to clients with serious injuries.

On very rare occasions, you may be held responsible for payment of legal fees in a No Win No Fee case. These include circumstances where you wish to change solicitor or you fail to take action resulting in the loss of your compensation claim, e.g. not complying with a court order. Our specialist No Win No Fee solicitors, however, will provide advice to help you avoid these problems. With many years of personal injury and medical negligence claims experience behind them, our team of ‘no win no fee’ solicitors are able to instruct the right experts and vigorously pursue your compensation claim.

What do I do now?

If you suffer an accident or incident of medical negligence, it is vital to contact our team as soon as possible. With time limitations covering such cases, such claims are often easier to process shortly after the incident, and at your first free interview, one of our solicitors can advise you as to whether a no win no fee medical negligence case is worth pursuing. You should take notes on your case, most preferably as a diary of events. We look forward to helping you seek the compensation you deserve.

Thinking of making a No Win No Fee Medical or Accident Claim?

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