The No Win No Fee process – FAQ

How do I make my UK no win no fee claim?
If you believe that you have a case for medical negligence or accident compensation, then you should contact a specialist no win no fee solicitor, who can advise you whether your claim is worth pursuing or not.

It is advised that a claim be made as early as possible after an incident – there is a time limitation on launching a compensation claim, and investigation of the claim and subsequent casework is best carried out soon after an event. Also, notes should be kept on events surrounding a claim, with a diary of what has occurred recommended as potential evidence to prepare a case.

Will I need to go to court?
Bringing a compensation claim can often be a lengthy and expensive process, requiring many hours of preparation and evidence gathering. Therefore, many compensation cases are settled “out of court”, with liability for an accident agreed by the respective parties, and payment for damages settled without the need to attend court.

However, if a case for compensation is disputed, a claim will be brought before a court. Such action often increases case fees, with, for example, payments to a court due by a losing party at the conclusion of a claim.

What evidence is needed for a no win no fee compensation claim?
Key to winning a UK no win no fee medical negligence or accident compensation claim is the need to prove that not only have you suffered an injury, but also that your injury was the fault of a third party’s negligence perhaps in a car accident or a medical error.

Getting the names and contact numbers of witnesses to an accident, photographs of a scene or, for example, car registration and other details are very important in gathering evidence for a claim. Records of time taken off work, medical visits and other financial costs incurred as a result of an injury are also vital in preparing a compensation claim, and proving negligence.

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