No Win No Fee Contested Probate

What is contested probate?

A contested probate [or contested will case] arises where someone – usually a person close to the deceased – has taken issue with one or more aspects of the will [or with the distribution of the estate] and has challenged it. Contested probate can happen for a variety of reasons and is sadly, becoming increasingly common.

Why contest probate?

There are quite a few reasons for contesting a will:

  • The will might be invalid due to the person who made the will not having the mental capacity to do so or because they were pressured into changing it even though they didn’t want to
  • The spouse of the deceased or a partner who had lived with them for two or more years might contest the will if they had been left out of it
  • If a person who was financially dependent on the deceased (such as a minor or person with a disability) is left out of the will, then there might be grounds to contest it.

Generally speaking, only those people who are eligible claimants of the deceased are entitled to contest a will, but in some circumstances (such as where the interests of a child are at stake or where a disabled person is unable to act on their own behalf), it is possible to contest a will on behalf of someone else.

Contesting a will – how our solicitors can help you

There are several reasons for engaging the help of a no win no fee contested probate solicitor to contest a person’s will.

The solicitor will also take you through the process of contesting a will, from determining whether you have a case to contest it in the first place and working out whether or not the will in question is valid, to lodging a caveat with the Probate Registry in order to put things into motion. Is also worth bearing in mind that contested probate cases can often be highly emotional – so it is useful to have a solicitor who can act on your behalf and represent your interests in the case.

Our team of friendly no win no fee probate solicitors will be able to guide you through the process. As this is such a sensitive subject, their expertise will give you the best possible chance of a good outcome by ensuring that your case has the professionalism and skill it needs in order to succeed. Plus, as we work on a no win no fee basis, it means that you won’t have to worry about legal costs unless you are successful in your bid to contest probate.

What services can I expect from a no win no fee probate solicitor?

You can expect to receive a range of services from our no win no fee contested wills solicitors:

  • Advice as to whether you have a valid case to contest a will.
  • They can act on behalf when serving notice of your intent to the beneficiaries of the will.
  • They can act on your behalf during negotiations with the beneficiaries and in thinking the case to court, if strictly necessary.

No win no fee probate – looking for specialists?

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